Bafang: with 80 Nm Motor
and 750 Wh Battery standard

Bafang M400
The electric CargoBikes long and Trikes can be equipped with the Bafang midengine system (M400 series). This system is relatively light in weight, provides good support and has a large range. Bafang has become a major player in the field of electric bicycles, the motor delivers no less than 80Nm at 250 watts, making it a more powerful motor than the Shimano 6100 series.

Available gear options
The Bafang models are available with a NuVinci stepless gear hub or a Shimano nexus 5 gear hub manual transmission.

Nexus 5 versnellingsnaaf
This hub is specially made for use in cargo bikes combined with a mid-engine. It has a sturdier build so it can withstand more force than a nexus 7 or 8 speed hub.

The Bafang bicycles are supplied with a large 750Wh battery as standard.

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